How to write "surfing" in 35 different languages

Surfing: learn how to write it down in 35 languages

Surfing is a universal language. Do you know how to write the name of your favorite sport in Mandarin?

Let's learn how to jot down "surfing" in the 35 most spoken languages. International English is a global language, but it is not alone in the world.

To get things started, we should have in mind that there are approximately 955 million Mandarin native speakers, i.e., 14.4 percent of the world population.

We've traced the origin of the word "surfing," and we know that, in Hawaiian, "he'e nalu" stands for "to surf waves."

Now, it's time to travel the planet and ask how do you write it down, in multiple languages.

Interestingly, many languages have adopted the English word or, at least, part of the expression. The Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish and Swedish, for example, have decided to keep the core of the term.

Others - basically the majority of the languages which do not follow the Latin alphabet - have set their own graphic design for expressing the sport of surfing, in the written form.

Let's see how surfing is typed in the keyboards of the world:

Language Native Speakers (millions) Translation
Mandarin 955 冲浪
Spanish 405 surf
English 360 surfing
Hindi 310 सर्फ़िंग
Arabic 295 ركوب الأمواج
Portuguese 215 surf/surfe
Bengali 205 সার্ফিং
Russian 155 серфинг
Japanese 125 サーフィン
Punjabi 102 ਤਰੰਗ
German 89 surfen
Javanese 82 selancar
Malay/Indonesian 77 berselancar
Telugu 76 సర్ఫింగ్
Vietnamese 76 lướt sóng
Korean 76 파도 타기
French 74 surf
Marathi 73 सर्फ
Tamil 70 உலாவல்
Urdu 66 سرفنگ
Persian 65 گشت و گذار
Turkish 63 sörf
Italian 59 surfing
Thai 56 ท่อง
Gujarati 49 સર્ફિંગ
Polish 40 surfowanie/surfing
Kannada 38 ಸರ್ಫಿಂಗ್
Malayalam 38 സർഫിംഗ്
Ukrainian 30 серфінг
Nepali 17 सर्फिङ
Hungarian 13 szörfözés
Greek 12 σέρφινγκ
Czech 10 surfování
Swedish 8.7 surfning/surfing
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