Epic Big Board Ride: a 42-footer for the Guinness | Photo: Peter Townend Activempire

The city of Huntington Beach will try to break the Guinness World Records for "Most People Riding a Surfboard at Once" on the "World's Largest Surfboard," on the 20th June, 2015.

Surfboard designer Nev Hyman has teamed up with Westerly Marine and local shapers to build a 42-foot long, 11 feet wide, and 16 inches thick surfboard. Or should we call it a longboard?

Only participants who stay standing on the surfboard throughout the required 10 seconds will be counted towards the final record. Huntington Beach expects to have 60 surfers on the surfboard.

"It's the length of at least two full-size cars, maybe almost three. It looks like a regular shortboard that's literally blown up to 42 feet," explained Lynn Bowser, co-owner of Westerly Marine.

The original record for the "World's Largest Surfboard" is 39 feet and 4 inches. The record for "Most People Riding a Surfboard at Once" was set on March 5, 2005 with 47 people.

The surfboard will be towed into a wave with all participants standing on it until it has gained enough momentum to surf on its own. The 10 seconds will start when the board is released and travelling unassisted.

The surfboard will be on display as an iconic cultural tribute to one of California's most distinctive and beloved outdoor sports, at the International Surfing Museum, in Downtown Huntington Beach, allowing the board to become an attraction itself.

Epic Big Board Ride: two giant halves | Photo: BigBoardHB.com

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