Hypto Krypto: the best selling board in the Haydenshapes range | Photo: Haydenshapes

The Haydenshapes "Hypto Krypto" conquered the "Surfboard of the Year" trophy at the 2015 Australian Surf Industry Awards, held at Tweed Heads, Gold Coast.

Over 200 retailers and brand representatives from the Australian surf industry gathered to collect 34 awards ranging from "Boardshort of the Year" to "Australian Retailer of the Year."

The "Hypto Krypto" surfboard model resembles an old school twin in the nose yet draws back to a tight rounded pintail.

The wider/straighter outline at the front gives more speed, yet the pintail allows a tight turn in the pocket.

The rocker is flat throughout, with a little lift in the entry, designed for speed.

The foil has plenty of volume around the chest and center yet refines out to a thinner, pinched rail to keep the board connected to the wave.

The concave runs a rolled vee in the entry, blending to a slight single, double vee out the tail to give the board great speed and control from rail to rail.

It suits small average conditions to clean long barreling point breaks.

"So stoked to see the Hypto take out the 'Surfboard of the Year' award again at the SBIA Awards this year. Globally, 2014 has definitely been the year for this model, and it is great to see both the shape and FutureFlex technology be embraced at such a grand scale," comment Hayden Cox, founder of Haydenshapes.

Billabong conquered seven trophies ("Men's and Ladies Marketing Campaigns of the Year," Sales Office of the Year, "QLD Sales Representative of the Year," "Swimwear Brand of the Year," "Men's and Ladies Brand of the Year") and Rip Curl won three awards ("Boardshort of the Year," "Wetsuit of the Year" and "Surfing Accessory of the Year).

2015 Australian Surf Industry Awards

Boardshort of the Year: Rip Curl - Mirage MF Driven
Wetsuit of the Year: Rip Curl - Flash Bomb Zip Free
Surfboard of the Year: Haydenshapes - Hypto Krypto Future Flex
Surfing Accessory of the Year: Rip Curl - SearchGPS Watch
Sunglass of the Year: Oakley - Holbrook
Footwear Brand of the Year: Havaianas
Swimwear Brand of the Year: Billabong
Breakthrough Brand of the Year: Afends
Ladies Brand of the Year: Billabong
Men's Brand of the Year: Billabong
Core Boardstore of the Year: Aloha Surf Manly
Product Innovation of the Year: Surf Hardware - FCSII
Environment Award: Patagonia - Yulex Wetsuit Program
Australian Retailer of the Year: Saltwater Wine | Stormriders

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