Surf coaching: getting from good to great in pro surfing

What to expect from a surf coach? How good is your surf? Where can you improve your surfing skills? Which body movements are incorrect in your surfing?

Getting a surf coach is the next step in amateur surfing. If you've decided to go pro, it might be a good idea to improve all layers of your wave performance.

Surf coaches are not personal fitness trainers only.

A top-class leader will help you boost your confidence, eat and sleep better, and will definitely manage your career in the right direction.

Surf coaching is a serious business and can really change the course of a professional surfer.

There are so many things you must change before reaching the highest level that you'd probably quit without proper guidance.

A professional surf coach will establish a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly agenda for your life.

Forget Fridays and Saturdays out in the disco. A professional surfing career is as hard as a business executive job at the office.

Besides training in the waves, there's exercise at the gym, a tight eating program, advertising commitments, press interviews, frequent flights, all-or-nothing contests, and surfboard tests.

Experience Pays Off

Surf coaches have been entering professional surfing for decades, but their time is now.

In modern surfing, a small error in the face of the wave is critical, so it's all about reducing the chances of failure.

The professional surfer of the contemporary world is a multi-faceted one.

Aerial and old-school skills, white water domination, quick decision-making, forehand and backhand control, and a wide variety of tricks in the bag are only a few properties a pro surfer must own.

Then add real-time wave analysis, wave selection, reacting to unexpected wave changes, surfboard selection, fin setup selection, time management, stress control, and heat tactics.

Usually, older surfers tend to understand and plan better coaching programs because of their past experience in the line-up.

Getting a surf coach who is also a friend may catapult you into surfing stardom. Seriously.

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