Inilek Wilmot claims the second stage of the Jamaican Open Series in Portland

February 22, 2010 | Surfing

Inilek Wilmot: he wants to take the title out of his brother's hands

The second event of the Jamaica Surfing Association’s 2010 National Open Series kicked off at the Peenie Wally surfing beach at Buff Bay in Portland on Saturday 20 of February 2010.

Top Jamaican surfer Inilek Wilmot, Brother of 2009 National Open Champ Icah Wilmot, walked away with the 1000 points on offer for the second time in two events with the win and now leads the race with a perfect 2000 points in the five event series which climaxes in December.

The waves were shoulder to head high with light variable winds and provided the perfect canvas for the event to play out on.

The first round saw the lighter breeze and better waves and five fifteen minute heats of six were run to cut the field in half for the second round where three heats of five were run to select the top 9 for the semi final round.

The semi-final round saw the level of surfing go up a notch. The first heat was a matchup between Luke Williams, Akeem Taylor, Ackeam Phillips, Shama Beckford and Ivah Wilmot. The surfers caught and rode 26 waves between them in the 15 minute heat. The horn sounded and Luke took first Ackeem Taylor second and Ackeam Phillips third and all three advanced to the final.

The second semi was a 4 man heat from which the top two would advance to the final. Inilek Wilmot, Shane Simmonds Garren Pryce and Eneson Lightbourn squared off in the deteriorating conditions and managed to catch and ride 24 scoring waves between them. When the heat ended and the scores were tallied Inilek and Shane advanced to the final.

The five man final was a 20 minute affair between the top 5 performers of the day. Inilek, Ackeam, Shane, Luke and Akeem all paddled out with the small crowd on the beach waiting for the spray to hit the fan. 32 waves were caught and ridden by the surfers and each spectacular ride drew shouts and cheers from the crowd on the beach which was split betweeb south and north coast supporters.

At the end of the heat the scores were tabulated and the results were as follows:

1st Inilek Wilmot.
2nd Ackeam Phillips.
3rd Shane Simmonds.
4th Luke Williams.
5th Akeem Taylor.
Equal 6th Shama Beckford and Garren Pryce.
Equal 8th Ivah Wilmot and Eneson Lightbourn.
Equal 10th Michael Panton, Ronley Lewis and Armani Green.
Equal 13th Gawayne Gallimore, Richard Curtis and Drum Drummond
Equal 16th Adrian=Danielle Ohayon, Conrad Smith, Ronald Hastings and Jason Pusey
Equal 21st Sanjay Lewis, Keron W=Warren L=Jamoy H=Ricardo C380
Equal 26th Horace Hall, Michael Ricketts, Oshane Jacks, Dwight Roberts and Jermaine Wilson

The current series standings are as follows:

1 Inilek Wilmot
2 Luke Williams
3 Ackeam Phillips
4 Shama Beckford
5 Akeem Taylor
6 Eneson L.
7 Garren Pryce
8 Michael Panton
9 Ivah Wilmot
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