Injuries affect one in three surfers

June 8, 2011 | Surfing
Wipeout: watch your head

One in three surfers will likely experience one or more surf-related injuries in any given year. The conclusion is the result of a study by Southern Cross University involving 700 recreational surfers.

Knees, ankles, lower back, and shoulders suffer more injuries while riding waves. The survey concludes that surfers need to learn more in order to avoid serious sports-related injuries.

Also, researchers found that dehydration and excessive sun exposure resulting in skin damage are the top concerns in the surfing community.

Paddling is seen as the main cause of problems and stress in the shoulder and lower back regions. The constant rotation of the body while riding the wave may affect the knees.

Surf training and pre-surfing workouts are required to reduce the probability of injury in the water.

Drinking water and avoiding alcoholic drinks should be compulsory. Surf yoga postures are also very good for stretching and preparing surfers' bodies.

All participants in the survey said they spent 11 hours per week in summer and eight hours per week in winter surfing waves.

The World Health Organization recommends five hours of moderate-intensity activity per week.

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