Is DHD's EpoxyCore surfboard a game changer?

January 15, 2016 | Surfing
EpoxyCore by DHD: Mick Fanning loves it | Photo: DHD

DHD has announced the launch of a surfboard that combines the best characteristics of epoxy with traditional fiberglass.

Darren Handley named it "EpoxyCore." The Australian surfboard manufacturer believes his brand has shaped the ultimate game changer. The mother of all boards. For some, it's just another marketing stunt; for others, it's an extraordinary plank.

"With superior weight distribution designed to eliminate speed "chatter," improve rail performance and introduce more flex to the bottom of half of the board. The weighted rails allow you to bury the rail and provides the necessary control to complete desired maneuvers," explains Handley.

"The control flex contained in the bottom half of the board is the most exciting feature, almost like a compressed spring releasing its energy into the surfer, giving you the confidence to take your surfing to the next level."

DHD's "EpoxyCore" is built like a puzzle, and it was already tested by Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, and Jack Freestone, who contributed with ideas and personal insights.

The new surfboard by Darren Handley will available mid-February 2016.

EpoxyCore by DHD: built like a puzzle | Photo: DHD

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