Gary Busey: the new surfing Messiah?

Gary Busey, the American film and stage actor, has revealed his passion for surfing in a sui generis way. Is he the new surfing Messiah?

He starred in the surf movie "Big Wednesday" as Leroy 'The Masochist' Smith.

The film reached an iconic status. He was FBI Agent Angelo Pappas in "Point Break." The film reached a classic status.

We never know when Gary Busey is talking seriously or when he's making fun of us all.

This time, two videos captured by Joshua Pomer promise to get the viral stamp as Busey reveals what surfing has done for his life.

"The surfing experience I had changed my life in many ways. No matter what I've been through. The addictions I had - womanizing, stupidity, cocaine... But I got good news. I've found it. One of the ways was surfing", says Gary Busey.

"Surfing. I mean, just the sport, its name itself sounds like a Sissi Boys' sport. 'I'm surfing'. Well, it ain't a Sissi Boys' sport, kids. It's one that will take you to that deep place inside where you'll find your truth. I thank God for that experience".

"It's something that will build your courage, your esteem, your body image, your pride. It takes you to a place you haven't been before. Inside yourself", he adds.

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