Is it Joel Parkinson or Kelly Slater day?

December 14, 2012 | Surfing
Slater and Parkinson: mind games in there

Joel Parkinson or Kelly Slater? The Billabong Pipe Masters is about to crown the 2012 ASP World Tour champion. Is it maiden or 12th?

They try to look relaxed. They try to fool each other. The truth is that Joel Parkinson and Kelly Slater are feeling the pressure and tension is in their blood.

Kelly Slater has only one way. He must win the Billabong Pipe Masters 2012 to confirm the unprecedented 12th world surfing title.

There are two other options for the Floridian surfer. If Parkinson finishes 5th or 3rd, Slater needs a 5th or 3rd position at the Pipeline Masters to confirm the world title.

In other words, Joel Parkinson must finish in a higher position to secure his first ASP World Tour title. He has already secured a 5th place, as he will surf a Quarterfinal heat. Slater enters the finals' day in Round 4.

Joel Parkinson and Kelly Slater do not have easy tasks ahead. They may have to surf against each other and they still have top names breaking through the barrels of Banzai Pipeline.

It's down to the wire. Joel Parkinson or Kelly Slater? Place your bets?

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