Jet Surf: Kai Lenny at full throttle

The future is now. A new division has been born in the world of surfing. Discover what jet surfing really means.

Imagine a blend of surfboards, wakeboards, bodyboards, and kiteboards. Now, add motor power and a Formula 1 design engineer.

That's it. Meet the new Jet Surf, a custom-designed carbon fiber hull equipped with a two-stroke engine that can ride waves of all kinds.

The Jet Surf has an automatic electronic control unit that is manually operated to reach a maximum speed of 57 km/h (35 mph).

Kai Lenny, Pato Teixeira, and Jamie O'Brien have already tested the new surf innovations in the waves of Hawaii.

Jet Surf allows you to manage your speed timings, along with the breaking of the wave, for 75 consecutive kilometers.

"Unbelievable. My instinct idea was another fun thing to do. This might be the next water sport", says Lenny, the Hawaiian waterman.

O'Brien is speechless, too. "It's crazy where surfing's gone. You don't need to paddle. Pretty sick".

Jet Surf was created and designed by Martin Sula, a Formula 1 engineer from the Czech Republic.

It weighs 12.5 kilograms and can be easily carried down to the beach by a single person. Is this the future of surfing?

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