Niccolo Porcella: ready to be swallowed by a Teahupoo bomb | Photo: Mahdjouba Karim/WSL

Niccolo Porcella has suffered one of the worst wipeouts of all time in Teahupoo, Tahiti.

The Italian big wave surfer caught a huge wave, got barreled, and then the powerful cannon swallowed him up. The stunt will certainly enter the gallery of the most dangerous wipeouts of 2015.

"Feeling beyond! With a lot of training and some heavenly angels, I escaped some serious injury on that wipeout," revealed Niccolo Porcella.

"Stoked to say this was not my last wave of the day, and I'm so blessed to have been able to feel its mighty mass and energy!"

"But I hope you all can feel me and get inspired when I say that I believe 'luck' most of the time goes to people who do what they love for the right reasons with the respect of what they do."

"I've dedicated my life to training hard so I can have the confidence and peace of mind that I deserve in these life experiences and enjoy them to the max!"

After being towed into the Teahupoo beast by Raimana Van Bastolaer, the board's nose caught too much water, and he was propelled into the abyss before being sent to the shallow reef.

Did Niccolo Porcella hurt himself? No. Miracle? Maybe.

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