Italy makes history at the 2019 Eurosurf

July 29, 2019 | Surfing
Claire Bevilacqua: the Italian won the women's surfing division | Photo: Tiago Segurado

Italy surfed its way into surfing history by winning three of the four individual titles in dispute at the 2019 Eurosurf.

The event organized by the European Surfing Federation (ESF) got underway at Santa Cruz, in Portugal. Italians celebrated their first-ever collective European surfing title.

"Forza Italia" was the shout that echoed in everyone's ears during the last and decisive day of the 2019 Eurosurf.

Italy won its first European title thanks to the outstanding performances of Claire Bevilacqua, who became women's surfing European champion, and Federico Nesti and Francesca Rubegni, who took home two longboarding trophies.

Portugal, the host country of this spectacular 2019 Eurosurf, finished second and failed to revalidate the title won two years ago in Norway.

Longorboarder Federico Nesti opened up the Italian festivities by edging Portuguese João Dantas in a nail-biting heat with only 0.35 points separating both athletes.

"The conditions were pretty hard, and João surfed incredibly well too," said an ecstatic Federico Nesti.

"Fortunately, I found the right wave close to the end of the heat, and that made it possible for me to win. I'm delighted with all the team."

Jay Quinn: two consecutive wins at the Eurosurf | Photo: Tiago Segurado

Ma Che Forza, Italia

It was the first blow against the Portuguese leadership. And then, Francesca Rubegni followed by winning her heat and title in the dying moments of the women's longboarding final.

Italy's outstanding performance at the Eurosurf was only spoiled by Welsh team surfer, Jay Quinn, who carved his way into European surfing history.

He became the first surfer win two editions in a row at an ESF event.

"I definitely didn't have the best preparation for this event because we haven't had that much waves in Britain lately and I've been surfing very little. But I guess sometimes it plays in our favor," joked Quinn.

The Welsh surfer celebrated at the winners' podium while holding his newborn child in one of the most tender moments of all the event.

Marco Gregori, the Italian team manager, also got emotional.

"This is the first European title, and we are very, very happy. We have a solid team, and we already knew that coming here, but there are other solid teams in this event and the level is very high. So we only knew that we had won right now, at the awards ceremony," underlined Gregori.

"Before this, it all seemed a dream. We are a country with not so many waves, so this is amazing, truly unbelievable."

Team Italy: the winners of the 2019 Eurosurf | Photo: Tiago Segurado

2019 Eurosurf | Finals

Men's Surfing
1. Jay Quinn (WAL)
2. Leon Glatzer (GER)
3. Eduardo Fernandes (POR)
4. Kian Martin (SWE)

Women's Surfing
1. Claire Bevilacqua (ITA)
2. Francisca Veselko (POR)
3. Rachel Presti (GER)
4. Peony Knight (ENG)

Men's Longboarding
1. Federico Nesti (ITA)
2. João Dantas (POR)
3. Evan Rodgers (WAL)
4. Luca Carlisle (SUI)

Women's Longboarding
1. Francesca Rubegni (ITA)
2. Nienke Duinmeijer (NED)
3. Emily Currie (ENG)
4. Mascha Trietsch (GER)

Team Rankings
1. Italy
2. Portugal
3. Germany
4. England
5. Spain
6. Netherlands
7. Sweden
8. Wales
9. Switzerland
10. Ireland
11. Russia
12. Belgium
13. Denmark
14. Norway
15. Scotland