It's on when it's on...

July 5, 2011 | Surfing
Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang: it really turns you on

Indonesia's longest-running surfing competition is getting ready. The Rip Curl Cup Invitational at Padang Padang will be held for the eighth time in the famous peak. The rule for the green light is simple: it's on when it's on.

The 32 best tube riders in the world will surf between July 10th and August 14th. In 2009, Jamie O'Brien scored four Perfect 10's, but this time names like Flynn Novak, Kalani Chapman, Chris Ward, Ry Craike, Laurie Towner and Dean Morrison will certainly fight for the glorious title.

Last year, the swell didn't show up, so this time everybody wants to claim the deepest barrels available. The Rip Curl Cup has produced some of the most unforgettable surfing moments in recent memory. In 2005, it was local surfers Rizal Tanjung and Bol trading smoking Padang pits until the dying seconds of the final.

In 2007, the first time international surfers were invited to compete, it was a pre-teen John Florence surfing against guys twice his age and standing tall in gaping barrels.

"When I was a young surfer, Padang Cup was always my favorite contest of the year," first-time invitee and current ISC champion Putra Hermawan said. "I waited all year to watch the best guys surf against each other at Padang. Now I get to be in the contest. So many amazing heats have happened in this event over the years, it's an honor just to be invited."

Last year the waves at Padang never reached the world-class caliber required to hold the "Ultimate Tuberiding Contest". Expectations for this year's contest are even higher.

"I can't wait," said Brazilian invitee Bruno Santos. "Last year some really good waves came through at Padang but they held off on running the contest. So you know when they run it this year the waves will be going off." The stakes will be higher as well, with a $10,000 prize purse. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.