Jack Beresford is the 2011 US Kneeboard Surfing champion

January 25, 2011 | Surfing
Jack Beresford: get on your knees

Surprisingly, the 2011 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles were surfed in head-high swell. From knee to head, the best discipline performers showed this is a challenging sport.

The contest was held in Huntington Beach and Jack Beresford, from San Diego, stormed the Open Division. "Huntington Beach is the Yankee Stadium of surfing venues," said Beresford. "After 30 years of competing there, it's great to have exorcised some of those ghosts at the pier."

The top finishers of the 2011 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles will head to the 2011 ISA World Kneeboard Championships, being held in Philip Island, Australia. in March.

"Kneeboard Surfing is not only alive and well, but thriving," said Don Harris, KSUSA President. "The level of competition this year exceeded anything seen for a U.S. championship."

Tom Backer secured second place, Chris Buscemi was third and Chris Beresford placed in fourth.

Kneeboarders from Black's Beach in San Diego went home with titles in three events: including Beresford in the Open Division, Bob Gove in the AAA Division and Brad Colwell in the AA Division. San Diego's Shaun Murphy, currently a student at Humboldt State, repeated as Junior Division champion.

Huntington Beach Kneeboarders calling themselves "Team Mojado" saved some face by edging out the "Black's Kneelos" in a highly entertaining team event.

2011 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles | Results

Open Division
1. Jack Beresford
2. Tom Backer
3. Chris Buscemi
4. Chris Beresford

1. Bob Gove
2. Jeff Jensen
3. Shaun Murphy
4. Scott Kinyoun

1. Brad Colwell
2. Randy Reed
3. Leonard Miller
4. Scott Wessling

1. Shaun Murphy
2. Sebastian Perez
3. Chris Linn
4. Shayne Dimick
5. Evan Odom

Team Event
1. Team Mojado
2. Black's Kneelos
3. Kneelo Cove I
4. AKC
5. Kneelo Cove II

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