Jack Freestone conquers the SATA Azores Pro 2015

September 25, 2015 | Surfing
Jack Freestone: a tasty win in the Azores | Photo: Masurel/WSL

Jack Freestone has conquered SATA Azores Pro 2015, at Praia de Santa Barbara, in Sao Miguel, Portugal.

The young and talented Australian surfer defeated fellow countryman Dion Atkinson in an exciting final held in highly competitive four-to-five-foot waves.

"I'm so happy. Those last twelve minutes watching Dion getting all the waves; I was so anxious. I'm so psyched. I just can't believe I won this event. I've finally won a QS10,000," expressed Freestone.

Atkinson opened the hostilities with a superb 8.67 ride, but Jack managed to turn the game in his favor and stole the Azorean trophy.

"It's really satisfying to get up there on the rankings. It's a huge weight off my shoulder, and a lot of work has gone into it. I had a really good time in the Azores, staying in the marina it was beautiful there, and we always surf the funnest waves so, yeah, it's been amazing."

The SATA Azores Pro is also one of the events of the Portuguese Waves Series 2015. The upcoming Allianz Billabong Pro Cascais kicks off on the 28th September.