Jack Robinson: the 2023 Billabong Pro Pipeline champion | Photo: Bielmann

Jack Robinson and Carissa Moore have conquered the 2023 Billabong Pro Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Despite the non-classic Banzai Pipeline conditions, the finals day for the first event of the professional surfing season got underway.

Barreling opportunities were rare, and only Backdoor provided randomly designed cylinders for above-average scoring attempts.

Robinson, who had previously eliminated Gabriel Medina and John John Florence, faced an in-form Italian surfer who had never reached a Championship Tour (CT) final.

With cross winds and bumpy four-foot faces, both athletes got low-scoring waves, with the highest ride being Jack's 6-pointer.

The Australian took the trophy and became the quickest surfer on tour to reach four event wins in a short period of time.

"I've dreamed of this for a long time. Andy Irons was one of my favorite surfers ever - it's just an honor," said Robinson.

"To feel everything, all the emotions at the start of the year, you don't know how you will come back."

"It was a low one last year, but I also learned a lot, and there's no price on that."

Carissa Moore: the Hawaiian clinched her first victory at Pipeline | Photo: Bielmann/WSL

Carissa Makes It

In the women's division, Moore finally won the prestigious competition after finishing runner-up for the past two years.

And it was also Moore versus Wright's 11th final matchup, making it one of the most exciting duels in women's surfing.

The Hawaiian only rode five waves, with the last being the decisive shot that turned the heat in her favor.

"There are just so many emotions just to get this win. Having women at a crazy wave like Pipeline has been so many years in the making," underlined Carissa Moore.

"It is special to win an event in honor of Andy Irons. He's one of my favorite surfers of all time, and I always appreciated the time he took for me."

2023 Billabong Pro Pipeline | Finals

1. Jack Robinson (AUS) 9.17
2. Leonardo Fioravanti (ITA) 7.47

1. Carissa Moore (HAW) 11.00
2. Tyler Wright (AUS) 10.00

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