Jack Robinson: the Australian won his first Championship Tour event in Mexico | Photo: WSL

Jack Robinson and Stephanie Gilmore have taken out the 2021 Corona Open Mexico at Barra de La Cruz in Huatulco, Mexico.

The finals of the seventh stop on the World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (CT) got underway in four-to-seven-foot waves and offshore wind.

The Open Mexico was the last elite surfing competition of the regular 2021 season and provided high-performance conditions for the decisive heats.

In his rookie year, Robinson won the first-ever CT contest after beating Devid Silva by a very narrow margin - only 0.02 points.

The Australian surfer felt comfortable in the Mexican point break and even found a right-hand barrel on his opening wave.

"I feel that this was like when I qualified for the CT. I'm still processing it," expressed Jack Robinson.

"Everything came together. I was in the zone and felt I could rise above the level of everyone's surfing in every heat."

In the women's division, Gilmore secured the 32nd CT victory of her career after defeating Malia Manuel in the final.

"Malia was was on the right waves the whole event and was my pick. Every time she paddled past me, I saw the 'AI Forever' on her back, and I felt she had the mana," revealed Gilmore.

"It was a tough final, and I haven't won an event in a while. This place is amazing, and it feels like home."

Stephanie Gilmore: the Australian won the 32nd CT even of her career | Photo: WSL

Tahiti Canceled, WSL Finals Next

With the cancellation of the 2021 Tahiti Pro due to the state of emergency declaration in French Polynesia, the WSL will head straight to the season finals in Lower Trestles, California.

The one-day world title event will feature the top 5 male and female surfers in a battle for the champion's trophy from September 9-17, 2021.

The top five male surfers are Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira, Filipe Toledo, Conner Coffin, and Morgan Cibilic (AUS).

The top five female surfers are Carissa Moore, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Sally Fitzgibbons, Stephanie Gilmore, and Johanne Defay.

2021 Corona Open Mexico | Finals

1. Jack Robinson (AUS) 15.16
2. Deivid Silva (BRA) 15.14

1. Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) 15.83
2. Malia Manuel (HAW) 15.27

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