Jacob Trette released from hospital after induced coma

January 27, 2011 | Surfing
Jet Skis: they save lives

Jacob Trette, the experienced surfer that almost lost his life in Mavericks, has left the Stanford Medical Center. The 30-year-old rider almost drowned after being caught by a set wave in Half Moon Bay.

"I’m feeling pretty good, I’m feeling a little bit light-headed but I feel like I’m still normal. I was pretty fatigued and had lots of headaches, but I recovered in five days. The doctors were really surprised." said Trette to The Bay Citizen.

The surfer was found face down in the water by a jet ski. He was carried to the beach where CPR was performed by emergency responders. Trette was then transported in helicopter to the hospital in critical condition.

After two days in a medically induced coma, the Southern California surfer showed sign of full recovery.

"I remember catching a few good waves and then all of a sudden a big wave caught me. Everyone started paddling out to get over the wave but it just took us all", he recalls.

His near-death experience is not going to stop him from returning to the big wave riding. Photographer Russell Ord has probably saved his life.

"He looked pretty much like he was dead to me so we just rolled him up on that and then we drove him up to the beach. I just did what you have to do - rolled him on his side, put him in a recovery position and checked his pulse. He had a pulse, which surprised me," said Ord.

Life has happy endings like this one, but if you're not an experienced surfer or are not fit to big surfing, please avoid risking your life.