Jair Pérez leads the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar after Jaco win

December 21, 2009 | Surfing

Jair Pérez

After a final that he dominated from the start, Jair Pérez won the first date of the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar called Copa Mango in his hometown of Jaco. Placing in front of the Puerto Viejan Gilbert Brown, the surfer from Montezuma Matías Braun, and Jaco’s Anderson Tascon, Pérez surpassed the expectations of his opponents by earning the highest points on a stunning right.

Pérez, who was the leader during the first 12 minutes of the final with more than 13 points combined, then happened to lock-in the heat at minute 16 with that last right wave earning 8 points improving his results and making it impossible for anyone to catch him.

With this win in Jaco, “the small giant of Latin America” gains his second Circuit Open 1st place trophy, the first being a 2008-2009 date in Nosara. Pérez scored an important Asociacion of Latinamericana Surfing (ALAS) Latin Pro Tour win in 2008, also in Jaco. For that date, he won $4,000.

“The truth is I do not know how they let only me surf in that right that broke perfect and until the border. For the Copa Manjo, I concentrated very hard because it is a beach I know very well, and by all means, I am satisfied to win in my homebreak,” said an euphoric Pérez, who places #1 in the rankings with this win.

Jaco beach exploded today with the best conditions of surfing in which any competition has been run there. At first there was a heavy rainshower, but then the wind stopped completely and glassed out the sea. Approximately 700 people were on the beach for the final series of this first appointment.

The current National Women’s Champion, and another Jaco beach native, Lisbeth Vindas, was once again a strong competitor, and demonstrated why she is a surfer that has so much respect. She was putting points on her waves one right after the other.

Today she ended in the finals with eternal rival Nataly Bernold (Jaco), as well as Jordan Hundley (Jaco) and Ericka Valverde (Domincal). The wife of Diego Naranjo (Jaco) cornered her rivals in the first minutes with a wave of 6 points earned on concrete maneuvers and high risk.

Altogether, she scored 12.84 with two good routes against 9.10 of Bernold. For Vindas, this is the first step toward an 8th Costa Rica National Women’s Surf Championship, yet the season is just underway.

And in the Junior catagory, Maykol Torres (Jaco) has finally won a 1st place trophy after many visits to the pódium in the lesser spots. He gains the win against Limon’s Jorndan Herndez, Malpais’ Anthony Fillingim, and the ever revelatory surfer from Pavones Noe Mar McGonagle (all of 13 years old).

“I want to first congratulate Noe Mar McGonagle because he surfed incredible. I am thankful that they make the Circuito Nacional DayStar possible because it is here where the level of one rises,” expressed Torres when leaving the wáter.

As to Noe Mar, today he earned the highest combination of the event with a 16.37 in the Grommet (Under 14) category, which he won. Speaking of that división, McGonagle and Manuel Mesen (Jaco) count as two of the promises of Tico surf. Mesen scored a 13.43.

According to José Ureña, President of the Federacion de Surf de Costa Rica, this date served to measure the interest of the public in the Circuito Nacional DayStar 2009-2010 in the post Billabong International Surfing Association (ISA) Costa 2009 era.

In addition, he noted that the level in the smaller categories, particularly around 16 years of age, have seen a boast in inscriptions due to that World Surfing Games influence and the desire of kids to get into the system that will pick the Costa Rica National Surf Team.

“It is a very good time to begin a Circuito, especially the smaller categories, thanks to the good waves, we will see the máximum expression of surfing,” affirmed Ureña. “Thanks to the fact that the noncommon brands are supporting us more and more and more, it shows that this is a sport that promises much to the country.”

The next date of the Nacional Circuito DayStar 2009-2010 will be the 4 Star or 1,500 points Torneo LimeCoral January 16 and 17.

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