Jake Halstead and Chelsea Tuach crowned 2013 ASP North America Pro Junior champions

September 11, 2013 | Surfing
Jake Halstead: blowing tails since 1994

Jake Halstead and Chelsea Tuach have been crowned the 2013 ASP North America Pro Junior champions.

Halstead has been surfing the ASP North America Pro Junior Series for three years, and he is widely considered as one of the world's finest up-and-coming talents.

"It is a huge accomplishment for me. I learned a lot during my down time and grew a better relationship with what I love to do; compete", says Jake Halstead.

"Winning the series is definitely a confidence booster for me, but I do not want to let that get to my head", adds the surfer from La Jolla.

Chelsea Tuach entered the 2013 ASP North America Pro Junior Series as a low seed, but quickly established herself as threat on the regional tour.

"I am really excited to push my surfing and see how I compete with the girls on an international level. I watched the ASP World Juniors last year, and the level was so high that it inspired me to really work hard", underlines Tuach.

"It’s an honor for me to represent my little island whenever I travel overseas and show everyone that we do have a lot of talented up and coming surfing from Barbados and we are starting to make our mark in the surfing world".

Jake Halstead and Chelsea Tuach will compete at the ASP World Junior Championships, at Joaquina Beach, in Floripa, Brazil, from October 29th through November 5th, 2013.

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