James Parry is the 2010 British Longboard champion

September 25, 2010 | Surfing

The UK Longboard champions: guess who's James Parry

The final round of the 2010 British Longboard Championships was held on Saturday 18th September. Contestants were greeted with 1-2ft clean conditions which soon deteriorated to 1-2ft onshore dribble making it difficult for all contestants, especially those weighing over 150 lbs.

The decision was made to run the event all in one day due to concerns regarding Sundays conditions. Cold on-shores from the NW meant that judges had a tough time of it in the bracing wind. With all divisions, except the Ladies, still wide open on the morning of the contest, it would prove to be a tight finish for those divisions.

Candice O’ Donnell, who was crowned Ladies British Champion at the 3rd event by winning the first three events (best 3 out of 4 events) went on to a clean sweep to win the fourth event as well. The Open division was wide open with Ben Skinner having missed an event had to get to the final in order to secure the title again this year.

However it was not to be with Ashley Braunton, James Parry and Ben Haworth showing good form all the way to the final knocking Ben out in the semi final round. The eventual event winner and British Longboard Champion was James Parry from Sennen who has been on top form all season. Similarly with the Junior U18 division, Zak Lawton took top place for the series with Josh Le Marquand missing top spot by only 10 pts.

In the Cadets Under 16 , Alex Maddocks took the title here with wins in 3 out of 4 events. The Masters event produced a different Champion this year, Paul Keeno Keenan of North Devon. This was also keenly contested with Keeno fighting off Colin Bright to win the tour by a margin of only 90 pts.

Open British Champion: James Parry
Junior U18 British Champion: Zak Lawton
Junior U16 British Champion: Alex Maddocks
Ladies British Champion: Candice O’ Donnell
Masters British Champion: Paul (Keeno) Keenan

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