Jamie Mitchell: steep drop at Belharra

Jamie Mitchell and Shane Dorian have stood out during the "Black Swell" influence that has stormed Europe between 6th-7th January.

Belharra was the big wave center stage for a couple of days, although it was not the spot pumping the biggest waves in the Old Continent.

Eric Rebiere has raised the question. "Over 100 feet Nazaré?" You just couldn't tell. It was simply too big to get brand new costumers. Here, you can pay the ride with your life.

In Madeira, a Portuguese island on the Atlantic Ocean, big waves invited a small group of surfers into the wild.

The British are telling us that the Winter Storm Hercules has had a profound impact in the coast. The country has been hit by serious waves, combined with strong gusty winds and heavy rain.

In the Northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula, the beautiful spot of Pantín, near Ferrol, saw enormous Atlantic wave trains invading the long, sandy beach.

Belharra, the capital of the "Black Swell", got Shane Dorian and Benjamin Sanchis in the water to ride the big wave surf reef. Apparently, they paddled some serious heavy walls, in the Bay of Biscay.

Dorian has earned himself a 2014 Billabong XX Ride of the Year entry. Jamie Mitchell, a Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard champion, dove into a blue monster and wiped out in grand style.

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