Jamie O'Brien: crazy in an out of the water | Photo: Noyle/Red Bull

The world's craziest surfer will embark on the fifth installment of his signature web series. "Who is JOB 5.0" will air every two weeks from May 15th through September 2015.

Jamie O'Brien and Poopies are surfing's most entertaining duo. "Who is JOB 5.0" promises to stick to the proven formula: surfing, travel, girls, stunts, and torturing the pro surfer's sidekick.

The brand new season of the original series will feature riding soft-top surfboards at Jaws, jumping waterfalls with hot chicks, surfing the biggest Waimea shorebreak ever, and much more.

All in a day's work for Jamie O'Brien.

There will be ten episodes in which the Pipeline Master, big-wave rider, small-wave phenom, movie producer, prankster, and all-around game-changer invites his North Shore friends to party hard and wild.

And yes, the Supsquatch will definitely be breathtaking. And yes, again, Jamie and Poopies will keep experimenting with sketchy rope swings, jumping shopping carts, and new tattoos.

Big wave rides? Of course. The team will film in Oahu, Los Angeles, Pascuales, and other locations.

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