Jamie O'Brien: next time, he'll take his entire quiver

Jamie O'Brien believes there's always something new to doin modern surfing. The creative Hawaiian icon decided to go surfing with two boards. No, it's not one surfboard for each foot. That would be wave skiing.

O'Brien decided to test a two-board transfer while preparing to get barreled.

"I just think that the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun. Sometimes I see too much seriousness in the lineup. I'm trying to do something I've never done before, something different. I like a challenge", he told Surfline.

"I think riding two boards and the technicality of grabbing the board and pumping on that board is really hard. I just haven't made the right one yet and I really want to", he adds.

Backdoor was perfect for the surf stunt. Jamie O'Brien paddled out and everyone thought he was simply joking. Surfing with two boards at the same time? What about leashes?

Jamie O'Brien took off on a right-hander with the second board in one hand. In the right moment, the board switch as if it was super easy. No problem. The cherished cake topper is a nice looking barrel. How about that?

The Hawaiian icon surfed with a Bill Johnson little fish funboard, but how will he switch stance from a backside position with two boards, next time? One thing's for certain. Jamie O'Brien will do it.

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