Jamie O'Brien opens "Who Is JOB 3" in madness mode

May 27, 2013 | Surfing
Who Is Job 3: waves and crazes

Jamie O'Brien has bought a limousine and kicked off "Who Is JOB 3", another collection of crazy webisodes featuring Oahu's king of surfing life madness, his pal Poopies and many other friends.

When you're riding with Jamie O'Brien, you're never bored. He has always something unusual in his mind, and he wants to do it now. The third edition of "Who Is JOB" opens with an impulse purchase.

Yes, O'Brien clicked the summertime party mobile button and got a white limousine for his endless parties with girls and boys. "It was a dream coming true that just got slapped in the face, on the side of the freeway", explains Jamie.

The road trip through California sees lunatic acrobatic travelers, waves and hunting time. Surfing is just the add-on.

Jamie O'Brien then returns to Pipeline, his natural home ground, for backside barrels and classic wipeouts. No worries, JOB is still surfing like no one.

The "Who Is JOB 3" season has entered party mode. Turn on, tune in, drop out.