Jamie O'Brien pulls a board-transfer in 10-foot Pipeline

January 31, 2013 | Surfing
Jamie O'Brien: changing ideas at 10-foot Pipeline

Jamie O'Brien has decided to challenge himself, again, by pulling a board-transfer with a soft-top, in 10-foot Pipeline.

This is not the first time Jamie wakes up in the morning with something completely different in mind. Months ago, the Pipeline Master completed a board-transfer, on a Backdoor right-hander.

Now, Jamie O'Brien paddled into a perfect left-hander and waited for what Nature had for him, at Second Reef Pipe.

"I was on a 7' soft-top. As I started bottom turning, I knew it was time. Right as I stepped off, it went flat bottom and there was so much water sucking off the reef", explains O'Brien.

"I still thought I could make it. It started sucking me high and I was waiting for it to release me, because it was perfect. It was almost a dream wave, then almost turned into a nightmare", he told media.

Jamie O'Brien loves foam surfboards for beginners. What will he invent next? Air-dropping from an helicopter into a 10-foot barrel? With JOB, you never know. Watch how he completes the board-transfer at 1m35s.

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