Jamie O'Brien scores a board transfer at The Wedge

August 28, 2014 | Surfing
Jamie O'Brien: a board transfer specialist

Jamie O'Brien has taken his signature board transfer to another level. Can you imagine him testing it out at The Wedge, in Newport Beach?

The Hawaiian daredevil can't stop for a minute. His innovative bag of tricks usually involves inflatable toys, beginner surfboards, boogie boards and winch machines.

But what's harder that getting barreled at The Wedge? Maybe a board transfer stunt in the iconic drainer. Still not sure? Let's just hand him the control of the ship.

It seems quite easy, but for 20 seconds it doesn't look real. With a fantastic swell hitting the Californian shores, Jamie O'Brien decides to raise the level.

Take a look at a couple of details: O'Brien nearly gets hit by his first board, and he lets a whitewater cylinder fall over his head.

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