Jaws delivers epic swell

January 21, 2014 | Surfing
Jaws: Keala Kennelly drops into the wild

Mark Healey, Peter Mel, Greg Long, Keala Kennelly, Shaun Walsh, Kai Lenny, Billy Kemper, Ben Wilkinson, Albee Layer, Makua Rothman, Rodrigo Koxa, Alessandro Costa, Jamie O'Brien, Mark Mathews. What do they have in common?

The big wave surfing elite has taken a drop into the wild. Yes, Jaws has awakened and delivered the first big wave show of the year.

With waves breaking in the 30-foot range, there's only one way to go in Maui, the second largest island of the Hawaiian archipelago. The usual boys and girls are always there when the offshore break decides show up.

Between 16th-19th January, 2014, Jaws looked like Trestles in a long summer day. There were actually more surfers in the lineup than photographers and videographers up in the cliffs.

Backside barrels in 30-foot waves? Check. Backside rides by female surfers? Check. Paddle in supremacy? Check. Potential XX rides of the year? Check. Solid peaks and heavy wipeouts? Check.

"Eight hours of fun yesterday! I am stoked to have some great memories of it, and I am grateful my bottom lip isn't totally burned off!", Kai Lenny wrote on the social networks.

Garrett McNamara was finally able to show off in the home waters, before traveling to Portugal. With right winds and perfect swell energy, Jaws delivered both lefts and rights. Who missed it?