Peahi Challenge: Jaws can be frightening | Photo: Cestari/WSL

The Peahi Challenge 2016 has been given the green light. The competition will get underway on the 11th November, at Jaws, Maui.

The second stop on the 2016 Big Wave Tour (BWT) is expecting 30-foot-plus swell. Twenty-four uber-athletes are warming up for one of the greatest wave riding contests in the planet.

"We have been tracking a storm from the Pacific Northwest and anticipate a promising swell to deliver for our first BWT event of the Northern Hemisphere season. We expect 30-foot-plus waves with favorable winds and tides," explained BWT Commissioner Peter Mel.

The Peahi Challenge 2016 will also feature 12 female big wave surfers. They will compete for a world title for the first time in the history of the BWT.

"These ladies as some of the most dedicated, passionate and talented big wave surfers on the planet. It will be phenomenal to witness them tackle Peahi," adds Mel.

Jaws is a big wave surfing break located off the northern coast of Maui's Hookipa Beach Park. With the right swell and winds, it pumps waves in excess of 60 feet.

The first event of the 2016/2017 Big Wave Tour was the Puerto Escondido Challenge, one of the three options for the Southern Hemisphere season. The Peahi Challenge 2016 is the first contest of the Northern Hemisphere season to get a green light.

Peahi Challenge 2016 | The Match-ups

Men's Round 1
Greg Long (USA), Josh Kerr (AUS), Cristian Merello (CHL), Jamie Mitchell (AUS), Gabriel Villaran (PER), Tyler Larronde (HAW)
Billy Kemper (HAW), Carlos Burle (BRA), Grant Baker (ZAF), Kai Lenny (HAW), Ian Walsh (HAW), Dege O’Connell (HAW)
Makuakai Rothman (HAW), Albee Layer (HAW), Mark Healey (HAW), Aaron Gold (HAW), Will Skudin (USA), Yuri Soledade (HAW)
Nic Lamb (USA), Damien Hobgood (USA), Shane Dorian (HAW), Pedro Calado (BRA), Shaun Walsh (HAW), Francisco Porcella (HAW)

Women's Round 1
Keala Kennelly (HAW), Andrea Moller (BRA), Emily Erickson (HAW), Justine Dupont (FRA), Silvia Nabuco (BRA), Polly Ralda (GTM)
Paige Alms (HAW), Bianca Valenti (USA), Jamilah Star (USA), Laura Enever (AUS), Felicity Palmateer (AUS), Tammy-Lee Smith (ZAF)

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