Jaws witnesses paddle-in surf madness

January 6, 2012 | Surfing
Jaws: three surfers, three destinies

Greg Long, Ian Walsh, Kohl Christensen, Jeff Rowley, Dave Wassel, Shane Dorian, Mark Healey, Carlos Burle, Nate Fletcher, Garrett McNamara, Kai Barger, North Shore locals and young guns.

The best big wave surfers in the world invaded the Hawaiian Islands for a historical day of surfing, as a brutal Pacific swell headed to the archipelago.

Jaws, the infamous Peahi peak, looked like a Hollywood movie set, ready for action. Cameras, surf photographers, videographers and helicopters. The rule was simple: it was huge and no tow-in surfing.

There were 50-foot wave bombs coming in, great rides and spectacular wipe-outs. The young guns were testing their fears and the most experienced big wave surfers tried to keep the leading posture.

In Jaws, it was crazy, but Waimea Bay also sent reports of massive waves and crowded surf peaks. Big names in world surfing were riding multiple peaks, while it lasted. Outer reefs and other exposed Hawaiian surf spots were explored by the local and international surf crew.

The XXL wave moments were insane and dangerous. Watch the best moments of the historic Jaws paddle in session.

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