Jayce Robinson: your 2019 English surfing champion | Photo: Surfing England

Jayce Robinson and Peony Knight have taken out the men's and women's open titles at the 2019 English National Surfing Championships.

England's finest surfing talents have once again come together and descended on Perranporth Beach, Cornwall.

With over 180 entries in 19 divisions, the battle for the prestigious English Titles was on.

A weekend of glorious sunshine - albeit a bit of cheeky northerly wind - and surf delivering three-to-four-foot sets shaped it up to be an epic event weekend.

The competition was set to be fierce as surfers took to the water, battling for those much sought after titles.

The event ran with a double peak across both competition days, and the heats rolled on through. Overlooking the action, the event site was atmospheric, the excitement rippling through the air.

The event partners were on hand to soak up the buzz and provided beach games and relaxed seating while mingling with the surfing crowd.

It really was a sight of the English surfing community in action.

"A great turnout from some of the country's most talented surfers," underlined Pauly Jeffery, contest director.

"At times, Perranporth provided some excellent waves helping the athletes push the level of high-performance surfing."

"The future of surfing is looking bright as the Under 12 division has a depth of talent with Lucas Skinner leading the charge."

2019 English National Surfing Championships | The Champions

Men's Open: Jayce Robinson
Women's Open: Peony Knight
U18 Boys: Fynn Lee Miller Cooley
U18 Girls: Lily Pierce
U16 Boys: Sam Hearn
U16 Girls: Tegan Blackford
U14 Boys: Max Miller Cooley
U14 Girls: Lauren Sandland
U12 Boys: Lukas Skinner
U12 Girls: Eva Blackford
Veterans Open: Lee Griffin
Women's Masters: Nicola Bunt
Men's Masters: Joel Gray
Women's Seniors: Megan Chapman
Men's Seniors: James Parry
Men's Open Longboard: Ben Skinner
Women's Open Longboard: Emily Currie
Boys U18 Longboard: Jordan Zervas
Girls U18 Longboard: Tegan Blackford

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