Jeremy Flores gets angry with Adriano de Souza

March 11, 2014 | Surfing
Adriano and Jeremy: giving a new meaning to boxing rings

Adriano de Souza and Jeremy Flores are not best friends anymore. In their Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast 2014 matchup things heated up and boards were literally clashed.

There's a Brazilian-French soap opera in the making. De Souza and Flores have not shaken hands after the incident/interference occurred during Round 3, at Snapper Rocks.

Jeremy Flores was trying to improve his overall score with a good looking wave, under Adriano's priority. The French surfer was almost finishing his performance when the Brazilian dropped in to silence his efforts.

"It's pretty sad to lose this way. I wanted to make that heat, but what Adriano did I think no one has ever done to me in my whole surfing career. On purpose, he took on me, which is so lame. I wasn't on that wave he would have made that take off easily", says Jeremy Flores.

"From him it's the worst sportsmanship that you could get, but I don't expect anything less from him. Everybody knows that. It sucks. I learned that next time in a heat with him I am going to paddle on him, elbow him... If it takes all this to win the heat, it's pretty bad. He had to freakin' take off on me..."

Adriano de Souza was happy with the victory, and didn't express any regret for what had happened. He still uses the word "friends" to describe their relationship.

"We had a lot of rivalries. We are good friends. We started together in Junior events, and we had many heats together. I saw the potential he had, and when I saw his board under my feet I was like 'oh'. There's something wrong here. Judges saw that and gave him an interference", explained Adriano de Souza.

Who's right and who's wrong? What's up next between Adriano de Souza and Jeremy Flores?