Jesse Aizenstat writes about "Surfing the Middle East"

September 10, 2012 | Surfing
Jesse Aizenstat: surfing in Middle East, between bombs and rockets

"Surfing in Middle East" is surf book by Jesse Aizenstat which chases alternative wave peaks in a region where guns and politics still prevail.

Jesse Aizenstat graduted in Political Science, with honors. Nevertheless, he failed to find a proper job after college, so he decided to go surfing in the Middle East and wrote a book.

Why not surf from Israel to Lebanon? His Jewish background may have earned him a free flight to Israel, but it wouldn't give him a pass to surf in Hezbollah-controlled South Lebanon.

The self-admitted California wave junky refers to his first book as a "journalistic act of rebellion". The writer with a maddening lust for annoying truths wasn't looking for easy, he was looking for real.

He struggled to pass through rocket craters, barbed wire, tear-gassed protesters, gunfire, and night patrols. Finding a shoreline touched by the best swell in the Med proves a welcoming counterpoint to the tension.

The SoCal surfer graduated from the University of San Diego's Political Science program. Seeking to further his education outside of the classroom, the 27-year-old writer spent time living with Aboriginal Australian tribes, and hitchhiked from Armenia to Georgia.

Later he would be taking on the Israel to Lebanon surfing challenge to write "Surfing the Middle East: Deviant Journalism from the Lost Generation".