John John Florence: a better surfer when he's not wearing a jersey

Here's why John John Florence could be the world's best free surfer right now.

There are not many people capable of pulling off a late take-off straight into the barrel. John John is one of them. And if you've been missing him in top shape, then watch this "Space."

With his impeccable bottom turns, ultra-fast rides down the line, graceful aerial acrobatics, and flawless tube riding skills, Florence is making surf videos great again.

"Space" is an ode to free surfing and, eventually, confirms Florence's preference for non-competitive line-ups and environments.

All the scenes were shot somewhere in Hawaii and Western Australia, regions where the two-time world surfing champions feel at home.

"Space" is six-minute short video edit by Erik Knutson. It makes us want to more. It makes us wish that John John could leave the colored jerseys on the beach forever.

This is how surf videos - and movies as well - should be shot and edited. Without subterfuges, retro tricks, or useless hipster-inspired angles and post-production.

Hopefully, Florence and his team will continue releasing high-octane surf flicks similar to those that fueled so many surfers around the world in the 1990s.

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