John John Florence: a crazy Alley-Oop

John John Florence scored one of the biggest airs ever seen in competitive surfing, during the Oakley Pro Bali 2013, at Keramas, Indonesia.

John John Florence was surfing against his Hawaiian compatriot Sebastian Zietz when he decided to go for a full rotation up in the sky and was awarded a 10-point ride.

Unbelievable Alley-Oop.

"I was in the air and saw the bottom, and everything happened so fast that I was just reacting. I claimed it pretty hard, but I was so stoked", reveals John John Florence.

"The ankle is strapped, but the brace gives me a lot of confidence, and it feels good out there. Just psyched to be at Keramas; this wave is amazing, and the boys are ripping so hard".

When everyone thought the heat was decided with Zietz in a dominant position and 19.37 on the board, the phenomenon Florence caught a mid-sized set to launch into a stratospheric alley-oop that all five of the judges acclaimed with a perfect 10-point ride.

John John Florence's impossible Alley Oop is believed to have reached 8 feet.

Is is widely considered the biggest air ever pulled in the ASP World Championship Tour history.

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