Jonathan Gonzalez wins the 2015 Nixon Surf Challenge

June 10, 2015 | Surfing
Jonathan Gonzalez: the Chinese beachgoers were impressed | Photo: Bonnarme/Nixon

Jonathan Gonzalez has conquered the 2015 Nixon Surf Challenge in Hainan Island, China.

The surfer from the Basque Country, 34, was voted by his peers the overall winner of the event, more than ten years after his first victory in San Sebastian, Spain.

But it wasn't an easy win for Gonzalez. In humid, hot weather with temperatures often hitting the mid-30s, Marlon Lipke and Gony Zubizarreta were both also in contention throughout the five-day contest window.

The 2015 Nixon Surf Challenge line-up also included surf adventurer Kepa Acero, aerial specialists William Aliotti and Gaspard Larsonneur. French wave rider Vincent Duvignac managed to land a perfectly executed 360-to-revert to claim the "Best Trick" of the competition.

"From the moment I paddled out, I was just waiting for a wave and section that would give me enough speed to launch a big manoeuvre. Hearing everyone cheering in the channel when I put the trick down was a great feeling, and that spirit of camaraderie pretty much sums up the Nixon Surf Challenge, expressed Vincent.

The event emphasizes free surfing in a relaxed atmosphere, and the concept has already traveled to unusual destinations such as Lofoten (Norway), Iceland, and Kamtchatka (Russia).