Jordy Smith recovers from Teahupoo injury

September 9, 2011 | Surfing
Jordy Smith: ouch, that hurts

Jordy Smith has suffered a torn cartilage and cracked four ribs in last week's wipe out at Teahupoo. The South African surfer has entered a recovery and rehab process in Southern California with Tim Brown.

"I never hit the reef, I did my second pump and then was on the foam ball, and it sucked me up to the top of the lip and then slammed me down straight on my side, it was a really heavy blow, ripped both sides of my body in two different directions", tells Smith.

Jordy has been spending time in a hyperbaric chamber to speed up the recovery process and will have to wait for the comeback hour.

"Playing X-Box, reading a good novel, learning a language? None of the above. Hahahahah Just relaxing hey, cant do much with busted ribs.. Not even sleep", he adds.

Meanwhile the young South African has been watching his buddies in New York. "It has been torture. I can’t handle it. I’ve just watched the Josh (Kerr) and Kelly heat and I am so amped it’s driving me nuts!"

"I am more fired up right now than I have been all year! So I think it could be a good thing in a weird kind of way".