Josh Kerr: too high to be caught in a photo camera

Super aerialist Josh Kerr will introduce his “Kerrazy Airshow Invitational” to this year’s Rusty Gromfest which begins in just one week's time at Lennox Head on NSW’s surf rich far north coast.

Who better than Josh Kerr to handpick a group of surfers from the competition and free surfing sessions to surf in this specialized Kerrazy AirshowInvitational session?

The session will include Nixon prizes to the value of $3000 so expect to see massive aerials in the quest for a slice of the Nixon prize packs!

Widely regarded as the most progressive surfer in the world, Kerr will be at the Rusty Gromfest to oversee this thrilling addition which is certain to excite all these energetic young surfers.

With most of Australia’s best young surfers of 16 years and under heading to the idyllic northern NSW coast the Rusty Gromfest will again showcase fast and futuristic surfing.

This is probably the world’s most famous gathering of elite young surfers and over 15 years talent has built an honor role the envy of all “grom” events which includes surfers like Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Bede Durbidge Chelsea Hedges, Owen Wright and Jessi Miley-Dyer to name just a few of the those who have gone on to esteemed professional surfing careers.

This year’s list of entries includes surfers who already have impressive reputations like Sarah Mason (Cabarita/NSW) who currently leads the Australasian Pro Junior Series and recently took down ASP World Champion Stephanie Gilmore in a world tour event in New Zealand!

Then there are exciting youngsters like Michael Wright (Lennox Head), Jack Robinson (Margaret River), Cooper Chapman (Narrabeen), Kai Hing (Sunshine Coast), and Harrison Mann (Torquay).

That is a small sample of the known talents in the field, there are many more and then there are the new emerging surfers who arrive at the Rusty oblivious to their fellow competitors' reputations, skilled and ready to take on anyone.

Other changes to this year’s event sees the 16 boys division catering for more surfers (80) than last year thanks to a round one Pro Junior style format. Round one will see 32 surfers looking to place first or second and get the opportunity to face the top 48 seeds in round two.

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