Josh Kerr: big wave lover | Photo: Hallman/WSL

Josh Kerr has claimed the 2016 Todos Santos Challenge, held in spectacular 30-to-40-foot surf at Killers, a spot located off the coast of Baja California, Mexico.

The World Championship Tour surfer put his big wave surfing trumps into play and stormed an elite field of specialists with two high-scored rides - a 7.87 and an 8.20.

"I have so much respect for the guys on this tour and those that regularly commit themselves to surf big waves. I have had the biggest smile on my face all day just getting to surf big waves with them. I'm really thankful for the opportunity to surf here today," expressed Kerr.

"The goal was to have fun. I'm going through the Green Card immigration process right now and had a one-day leave pass to come down here and do this event."

"I didn't have any expectations and just wanted to surf the wave with all these guys. To walk away with a win - I feel like one of those dogs with his head out the car window. I was smiling the whole time I was paddling around in the final."

Josh Kerr had nothing to prove, but he ended up winning the event. Greg Long, who finished runner-up, climbed in the rankings, and he now leads the 2015 Big Wave Tour.

The season ends on February 28th, and there are still two possible contests in the pipeline. The Oregon Challenge and the Punta Galea Challenge will run if the minimum requirements are met.

2016 Todos Santos Challenge | Final

1. Josh Kerr (AUS), 24.27
2. Greg Long (USA), 18.84
3. Carlos Burle (BRA), 18.33
4. Damien Hobgood (USA), 17.33
5. Nic Lamb (USA), 13.51
6. Rusty Long (USA), 0.20

2015/2016 Big Wave Tour | Top 5 (after Todos Santos Challenge)

1. Greg Long (USA) - 21,266
2. Makuakai Rothman (HAW) - 16,994
3. Billy Kemper (HAW) - 16,714
4. Nic Lamb (USA) - 16,594
5. Josh Kerr (AUS) - 13,589

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