Josh Kerr surfs a light that never goes out

May 4, 2012 | Surfing
Josh Kerr: there is a light that never goes out

Enjoy the "Light". Surf movie director Matt Kleiner has completed the final touches on the life story of Josh Kerr. Australia's most famous aerialist lands a collection of insane moves in the lens of the talented filmmaker.

"Light: The Natural Agent That Stimulates Sight" is a short signature film in which sepia and sunset tones will warm your salted water heart. In fact, light is a very important variable in the film.

Josh Kerr has always been a surfer who kept the mainstream spotlight away, without actually being too far from it. He competes when he wants to compete and he lives a creative aerialist free surfing life of his own, despite entering the 2012 season with top results.

"Light" is the perfect portrait of the Australian rider. Simple, tender, sunny and calm. Josh Kerr showcases what he does best, without artificial tricks. He's not a power surfer, he is a progressive surfer.

"Just before heading to Australia there was a little run of swell coinciding with great lighting and clean conditions. We shot four days around home during sunset. This short film is comprised of the throw-away clips during those four days", explains director Matt Kleiner.

Like The Smiths once wrote, there is a light that never goes out. Watch this "Light: The Natural Agent That Stimulates Sight".