Julian Wilson: Alley Oop in the land of barrels

Julian Wilson has pulled one of the biggest Alley-Oops in the history of competitive surfing at Supertubos, Peniche, Portugal.

The Australia surfer, who had already challenged himself into the full 720 rotation, was surfing against Damien Hobgood when the impossible air broke the Portuguese ceiling.

Wilson may well felt the lack of oxygen as he drove his surfboard up in the blue skies of Supertubos, a barreling machine not usually known for aerial antics.

"I felt like I bit off a bit more than I could chew when I was in the air on that one, but somehow I pulled it, that section was really, really good," says Wilson.

"At that point of the heat, I was really quite nervous, I only had one opportunity to do an air, and I was lucky enough to capitalize on it."

The Alley-Oop by Julian Wilson was awarded a 10-point score by the surf judges up in the booth.

Has the Australian flown higher than John John Florence when the Hawaiian shocked the world with a cosmic aerial, during the Oakley Pro Bali 2013, at Keramas, Indonesia?

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