Julian Wilson wants the first-ever 720 in surfing

September 4, 2012 | Surfing
Julian Wilson: 720 means a double rotation, mate

Julian Wilson is training hard to complete the first-ever 720 in the history of surfing.

The Australian pro surfer has headed to the Reunion Island to film the upcoming six-part series "La Réunion". Julian Wilson is also meeting Jordy Smith, who is filming his new surf movie "Bending Colors".

"Going for the 720 is more than achievable, having the conditions match-up and being in the moment. Making it is another thing. The first time I thought it was achievable to do a double rotation was in Bali, about eight months ago", explains Julian Wilson.

Jordy Smith and Julian Wilson have been good friends for a while and the meeting in Reunion Island will surely prove to be profitable. Exchanging waves with competitive surfers is never enough.

Julian Wilson's quest to land the first-ever 720 depends on several optimal variables. Wind, waves, ramps, swell and surfboards may decide if the Australian wonder boy can actually complete the double aerial rotation.

The unprecedented move is not new in skateboarding. The truth is that skateboarders are pushing the limits of the fellow surfers. Tom Schaar has completed the first-ever 1080 in a giant half pipe, so the level is raised.

Watch how it is possible to pull a 1080 in skateboarding.