Justin Quintal: where's the longboard?

Justin Quintal has taken out the Belmar Longboard Pro 2013 in offshore one-to-three-foot waves at Belmar, New Jersey.

With this victory against Tony Silvagni, Quintal also qualified for the 2013 ASP World Longboard Championships in China.

"I'm not looking to just ride the nose. I'm just trying to ride the wave the best that it allows and flow with it. It has been really fun, and I'm happy with how I performed. This contest in Belmar has been super fun," the winner says.

"I prefer to surf on a single fin, but I don't want to bash anyone's preference. I think real, true longboarding is riding a single fin. I think the way you have to ride it is the difference between longboarding and shortboarding".

Tony Silvagni was a standout during the Belmar Longboard Pro, combining classic noseriding with powerful turns.

Silvagni earned an excellent ride of his own in the final but was unable to surpass Quintal for the win.

"My day was wonderful. The swell delivered even though it backed off a little bit in the semis and final, but just to catch some surf, get your feet wet on the board, and spend time with family and friends and surf, it's great".

"I'd won five consecutive times in a row, but when you have a phenomenal longboarder like Justin Quintal, you have to be on your toes. He's one of the top guys who can noseride like a champ, and he's got great style".

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