Justine Dupont: still chasing the world's biggest wave ever surfed by a women | Photo: Silva/Red Bull

Justine Dupont is the grand winner of the 2021 Red Bull Big Wave Awards.

The Frenchwoman won three of the awards on offer: Ride of the Year, Performer of the Year, and the Biggest Tow award for her wave of a lifetime at Jaws.

"It was my best season so far," said Dupont.

"In Nazaré, I got a crazy wave with Garrett McNamara, who towed me. I went so fast, and I could feel the explosion behind me."

"Getting a barrel at Jaws is one of the top things to achieve. It was a really special wave. I didn't think I could set this goal for myself this winter because I thought it would be too big for me."

For the men, USA's Kai Lenny claimed both Performer of the Year and the Biggest Paddle award and was runner-up in the Ride of the Year and Biggest Tow categories.

"I remember watching all my heroes win Big Wave Awards so, for me, it's still a big achievement. I'm just trying to keep up and do my best!" added Lenny.

"I think my entire season was memorable. I had some rides that will forever be ingrained in my brain."

The awards honor surf athletes who push the boundaries of their sport and celebrate the most impressive surfing performances of the season with life-changing rewards.

The prize fund amounted to US$350,000, with top prizes of $20,000 going to each of the Ride of the Year winners.

2021 Red Bull Big Wave Awards | Winners

Ride of the Year | Women

1. Justine Dupont - Jaws, 1/16/21
2. Maya Gabeira - Nazaré, 2/5/21
3. Keala Kennelly - Himalayas, 12/02/20
4. Paige Alms - Todos Santos, 1/11/21
5. Michelle de Bouillons - Nazaré, 2/22/21

Ride of the Year | Men

1. Peter Mel - Mavericks, 1/08/21
2. Kai Lenny - Jaws, 12/02/20
3. Kai Lenny - Jaws, 1/16/21
4. Grant Baker - Mavericks, 12/11/20
5. Conor Maguire - Mullaghmore, 10/28/20

Performer of the Year | Women

1. Justine Dupont
2. Maya Gabeira
3. Paige Alms
4. Keala Kennelly
5. Michelle de Bouillons

Performer of the Year | Men

1. Kai Lenny
2. Peter Mel
3. Grant Baker
4. Sebastian Steudtner
5. Conor Maguire

Biggest Paddle | Women

1. Paige Alms - Todos Santos, 1/11/21
2. Keala Kennelly - Himalayas, 12/02/20
3. Justine Dupont - Mavericks, 12/08/20
4. Bianca Valenti - Mavericks, 1/12/21
5. Justine Dupont - Jaws, 1/17/21

Biggest Paddle | Men

1. Kai Lenny - Jaws, 12/02/20
2. Peter Mel - Mavericks, 1/08/21
3. Billy Kemper - Jaws, 12/02/20
4. Grant Baker - Mavericks, 12/11/20
5. Peter Mel - Mavericks, 12/08/20

Biggest Tow | Women

1. Justine Dupont - Jaws, 1/16/21
2. Maya Gabeira - Nazaré, 10/29/20
3. Justine Dupont - Nazaré, 10/29/20
4. Maya Gabeira - Nazaré, 2/05/21
5. Justine Dupont - Mavericks, 1/01/21

Biggest Tow | Men

1. Sebastian Steudtner - Nazaré 1, 10/29/20
2. Kai Lenny - Jaws, 1/16/21
3. Connor Maguire - Mullaghmore, 10/28/20
4. Sebastian Steudner - Nazaré 2, 10/29/20
5. Lucas Chianca - Nazaré, 10/29/20

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