Kai Lenny wins 2013 Stand Up World Series in dramatic final

October 15, 2013 | Surfing
Kai Lenny: SUPer

Kai Lenny has taken out the 2013 Stand Up World Series, at Turtle Bay, Oahu, Hawaii.

Kai and Connor Baxter made it through to the Finals and, in order to take the title, Lenny needed a victory and expect Connor would place sixth or worse in the final heat of the day.

Despite taking sets on the head, it was Kai's day, as the young champion from Maui managed to secure the win in the sprints, second overall for the event and the overall world title for 2013.

"This year's Turtle Bay finals was by far the most fun best sprint final I have ever done! Who said SUP racing was not exciting? And as the saying goes, it's not over until it's over!", says Kai Lenny.

There is no doubt that throughout the year, Connor Baxter was the man to beat. Coming into the final event and after an exhausting season of racing, Connor put every last shred of energy, but a few stumbles were enough to seal his fate, having to settle for runner-up in the overall rankings.

In the Women's division, Annabel Anderson, despite being unable to compete at the World Series Finals due to injury, had done enough through the year to secure her second world title.

Stand Up World Series 2013 | Final Rankings

1. Kai Lenny (Hawaii)
2. Connor Baxter (Hawaii)
3. Jake Jensen (Australia)
4. Casper Steinfath (Denmark)
5. Zane Schweitzer (Hawaii)
6. Kody Kerbox (Hawaii)
7. Mo Freitas (Hawaii)
8. Paul Jackson (Australia)
9. Eric Terrien (France)
10. Noa Ginella (Hawaii)

1. Annabel Anderson (New Zealand)
2. Angela Jackson (Australia)
3. Olivia Piana (France)
4. Halie Harrison (Hawaii)
5. Noelani Sach (Germany)

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