Kai Lenny wins the 2014 Abu Dhabi All Stars Grand Slam

April 17, 2014 | Surfing
Kai Lenny: who SUPs don't fly?

Kai Lenny has claimed the 2014 Abu Dhabi All Stars Grand Slam, at the Wadi Adventure, United Arab Emirates.

With three lefts, three rights and three closeouts, the standup paddleboarder from Maui secured his first win of the season in the exotic artificial surf pool.

But it was not an easy task for Lenny, at all. Lai had an in-form Sean Poynter eager to steal the show.

Despite considering himself weaker on his backhand, Kai rode two flawless lefts to start off the exchange, with scores in the excellent range, making it a chasing game for Sean Poynter.

The Floridian attacked the rights and closeouts with everything he had to achieve the 9.27 he needed to take the win. But it all came down to a last wave of Sean to get the score, as Kai waited for his last wave and turns of the event.

In the end, Sean's score was not enough, as Kai executed a perfect air reverse into 360. The desert of Al Ain was ready to crown Kai Lenny as the 2014 Abu Dhabi All Stars Grand Slam champion.

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