Kamchatka: a surfing paradise in Russia

The Kamchatka Peninsula is one of those places on Earth where you can snowboard and surf on the same day.

Russia's "state of bears and volcanoes" is a 780-mile peninsula located in the country's far east. With its warm summers and cold winters, it is an adventure destination for those who appreciate actions sports.

Three local friends - Anton Morozov, Denis Kulyasov, and Aleksey Motorin - live and surf Kamchatka on a regular basis. The spot they prefer to ride has no roads and is isolated from civilization.

This bay is located on the southeast coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula. It has been an unknown surf break for everyone before us. We were the first enjoying surf time in this spot," filmmaker Mikhail Moroz tells SurferToday.com.

The small, yet tight local surfing community explore the region's first surf school and aim to promote Kamchatka as a premier Russian surfing paradise.

"We haven't named this bay yet. On our way from snow to water, we passed by volcanoes and rivers, and our goal is to learn how this place works. Some famous surfers have already surfed other spots in Kamchatka, though."

In "Through Snow To Surf," you'll witness the trio crossing the snowy mountains and reaching the distant shores of Kamchatka, where multiple, perfect and glassy two-foot rollers rolled in toward the rocky beaches.

And all they needed was a thick wetsuit, and longboard to have the time of their lives in a magical scenario.

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