Keith Malloy takes bodysurfing into stunning photo book

December 17, 2012 | Surfing
The Plight of the Torpedo People: underwater love | Photo: Chris Burkard

Keith Malloy has announced the launch of "The Plight of the Torpedo People", a collection of bodysurfing photographs documenting the award-winning film "Come Hell or High Water".

Bodysurfing is the essence of wave riding. Filmmaker Keith Malloy has captured the oceanic activity in "Come Hell or High Water", the first feature-length film to be made about the sport of bodysurfing.

All photographs, frame grabs and personal essays documenting the making of Malloy's directorial debut are now available in a 100-page surf book.

"The Plight of the Torpedo People" features the best bodysurfers in the world having fun in the line-up. They were captured by some of the world's best surf cinematographers and photographers.

Keith Malloy opens the photo book with an introduction to the 69 photographs in color. Bodysurfing requires little more than swim fins and some waves and its simplicity reflects the less-is-more, environmentally aware consciousness of our times.

Discover "The Plight of the Torpedo People" with great shots from Chris Burkard, Scott Soens, Dave Homcy, Brian Bielmann, Tim McKenna, Cyrus Sutton, Bud Browne, Jim Martin, Brent Jacobson, Ron Romanosky Brian Pezman and Hugh Berenger.