Kelia Moniz: Hawaiian longboard expert

Kelia Moniz has conquered the Swatch Girls Pro China 2012 over Chelsea Williams to claim her maiden ASP Women's World Longboard title.

In a repetition of last year's final in China, it was time for sweet revenge. Moniz rode the nose with style and grace, executing critical turns and read the shifty line-up to perfection.

"We couldn't hear the scores, so after the heat I didn't know what to think," Moniz said. "Then Chelsea (Williams) looked at me and said 'good job, grom' and I was pretty stoked", explains Kelia.

"Then I looked in and all the Hawaiian boys on the beach were screaming and I had an immediate smile on my face. It was bizarre to be in the Final with Chelsea again".

The young Hawaiian joins a prestigious list of ASP World Champions and will be officially crowned on the Gold Coast in February at the annual ASP World Surfing Awards.

"It means a lot to bring an ASP World Title back to Hawaii," Moniz adds. "Plus, this is the only event that decides the world champion, and I've been working and training and preparing for this and it feels unbelievable".

An emotional Williams tried to hold back the tears as she pondered coming so close to winning the coveted ASP Women's World Longboard Title.

"It feels good to make the final again," Williams said. "Kelia (Moniz) surfed really well and I didn't find any good waves. I won last year, but didn't win the ASP Women's World Longboard Title, she won this year and did, so she is the real winner."

The top 18 ranked surfers after the Swatch Girls Pro China 2012 automatically re-qualify for next year's ASP Women's World Longboard Championships, the rest of the Top 34 are determined through regional ASP Longboard Qualifying events.

Swatch Girls Pro China 2012 | Final

Kelia Moniz (HAW) 16.05 def. Chelsea Williams (AUS) 9.50

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