Kelly Slater celebrates 40th anniversary

February 11, 2012 | Surfing
Kelly Slater: the older the better

Kelly Slater has turned 40. Interestingly, the 11-time world surfing champion's age is the least important in his life and career. For Kelly Slater, ageing is evolving, just like Port wine.

Who is Kelly Slater, the famous Floridian surfer born on the 11th January 1972, in Cocoa Beach? Robert Kelly Slater, a boy of Irish and Syrian ancestry, has two brothers: Sean and Stephen. He was raised with a passion for guitars and music

Kelly Slater has always has a special relationship with two surf brands: Quiksilver and Channel Islands. He hates losing heats and finals. Andy Irons will always be Kelly Slater's favorite rival, out in the water.

Kelly Slater also enjoys golf, jiu jitsu, basketball, baseball and protecting oceans and environment. In the early 1990's, Kelly was "Jimmy Slade", a character of the famous TV show "Baywatch". Acting has been put aside, since then.

In 2005, Kelly Slater became the first surfer to score two perfect 10s, in the final heat of the Billabong Tahiti Pro, under the ASP two-wave scoring system. The 5'9'' surfer has already conquered 48 ASP World Tour stages and is showcased in more than 25 surf movies, from "Kelly Slater In Kolor" to "Ultimate Wave Tahiti".

Kelly Slater has competed at the X Games and also enjoys his entrepreneurial spirit. In the future, his Kelly Slater Wave Company promises to bring the best artificial waves for surfing to the most remote regions of the globe.

Kelly Slater isn't 40 years old. He is twenty-twenty years old and is still beginning his journey into the history of surfing.